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Napoleon's Condo Pack HVAC system offers a number of multifamily-friendly features for property owners, residents, and installers.

The all-indoor design eliminates exterior components and refrigerant connections, so the units are safe from extreme weather and other outdoor damage, and won't impact the aesthetics of residential high- and low-rise exteriors.

Installers will appreciate the Condo Pack's three-part construction. The empty shell can be used during construction to ensure floor plans accommodate enough space for the compact unit. The heating and cooling components can also be installed separately, so HVAC contractors won't have to manage a full 290-pound load upon installation. Additionally, the heating and cooling sections can be partially or fully removed for servicing or replacement, without disturbing the rest of the equipment.

Other features include a 90% thermal rating and 93% AFUE rating, and a direct vent design that eliminates the need for a chimney. In addition to a fully insulated cabinet, the system's blower is dynamically balanced with resilient motor mounts to help ensure noise reduction and smooth operation.