Kitchens and baths are somewhat like hairstyles—they can be trendy, classic, or casual—or they can be downright dated. And like hairstyles, kitchens and baths have distinct characteristics that provide obvious clues to which decade they originated or when they were most recently updated.

“Kitchens and baths are the main places in an apartment where the vintage of the unit is obvious,” says Forrest White, director of asset engineering for Alliance Residential, a Phoenix-based multifamily owner and manager that is in the middle of renovating roughly 17 percent of its 48,000 units. “It's important to make them contemporary and open, and we're always looking to see what comes up next.”

Walk into a kitchen with avocado-colored appliances, and you may think you're having a 1970s flashback. Or, open the door to a bathroom with polished brass fixtures, and you may find yourself singing Wham! songs for the rest of the day. Even today's popular brushed nickel finish for faucets and other fixtures will likely seem passé just a few years from now—if it's not already on its way, White says. “We're more interested in finding contemporary shapes to create an exciting look,” he explains. “Contemporary shapes tend to be more timeless.”

That's why, when Alliance Residential tackles renovation projects, it focuses on kitchens and baths, White says. In renovating 8,000 units across the nation, the firm is focusing on everything from small cosmetic updates to gut restorations. For the cosmetic jobs, Alliance Residential looks first at updating lighting and plumbing fixtures, along with flooring, sinks, and countertops.

“The lowest hanging fruit for the remodel includes plumbing fixtures,” White says. In the kitchen, for example, a new faucet can give the room some flair. In the bathroom, the impact of new plumbing fixtures is even more striking. Simply, add in a new sink and some new lighting, and the room has a totally different look.

White also points out that investing just a little bit more to create a focal point for the bathroom or kitchen can have a large payback when it comes to attracting residents and pushing rents. Alliance Residential, for example, is looking at higher end finishes like vessel sinks, which are becoming more cost effective. “Vessel sinks aren't something that you'd expect to see in an apartment, and they create a look that is modern.”


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