A sample application of HighRes Imagery Infinite Glass panels

Multifamily owners looking for a ‘wow’ factor in common areas can design their own dynamic resin or glass panels with 3form’s newly launched YouCreate tool for its Varia Ecoresin and Infinite Glass materials.

Within the two material lines, customers can choose from collections such as: Pattern+ Color, C3 Color, Gradient, and HighRes imagery. Using YouCreate, consumers start with a basic design and then customize features like color, scale, opacity, and finish.

Options for customization include 28 designs in the Pattern collections, in organics, linear, geometric, and circular categories; over 10,000 colors to choose from for Gradient designs, with multiple fade patterns and the option to incorporate multiple colors; and the ability to combine different patterns and colors in Ecoresin’s Construct collection or Infinite Glass’ Pressed Layers line.

For HighRes imagery panels, customers can choose from 11 featured 3form images or create their own. Certain images can be scaled to continue across multiple sheets.

While Infinite Glass can only be used indoors, Varia Ecoresin is also suitable for exterior applications. Both materials can be used for partitions, sliding doors, wall or ceiling features, and for smaller accent pieces such as tables, seating, or lighting fixtures.

Varia Ecoresin is made from a co-polyester resin that includes 40 percent pre-consumer recycled content and is GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality Certified. Panels are offered in 4-by-8-foot, 4-by-10-foot, and 5-by-10-foot sizes, and can be shaped in a number of sculptural or curved configurations.

While most Infinite Glass offerings are laminated glass, a monolithic glass product is also available in Pattern+ Etch, which is the least expensive and most subtle glass product, using a micro-sandblaster to etch designs into a single piece of glass. Panels are offered in made-to-order sizes up to 5-by-10-feet for monolithic glass and 4-by-10 feet for laminated glass.