A new year, new opportunities. MULTIFAMILY EXECUTIVE scoured the industry to identify the key challenges and opportunities within each of the industry's core competencies. Here, we offer nine resolutions that, if your company keeps, should pave the way to success in 2009.


    • Executive Leadership
      I Will Communicate Regularly With My Employees–Even When It's Tough.
    • Property Mangement
      I Will Keep Heads in their Beds.
    • Human Resources
      I Will Find Creative Ways to Keep the Team Together.
    • Marketing
      I Will Focus on Promoting Value, Not Luxury.
    • Construction and Development
      I Will Hang on to What I've Got and Be Opportunistic About What Comes Next.
    • Finance
      I Will Work to Build a Cushion of Cash, Even If I Am Late to the Game.
    • Acquisitions
      I Won't Wait for the Bottom to Buy, But I Will Underwrite Well.
    • Green
      I Will Get on the Green Bandwagon and Find a Standard that Works For Me.
    • Technology
      I Will Squeeze Every Dollar Out of My Tech Investments.