The Cube in Beirut, Lebanon, is designed around one word—"maximize."

Netherlands-based Orange Architects created the 164-foot tower for Lebanese developer Masharii, designing the building to provide luxurious—and spacious—residences with sprawling views of the surrounding city.

The 14-story building, located in Sin el Fil, an eastern district of Beirut, offers 21 units, ranging in size from 1,260 to 2,500 square feet. Built with a unique design in which staircases and elevators are at its core, the building's floor plans each extend from the center of the tower with no constraints on design, ensuring that no two floor plans are the same.

Every level of The Cube features one or two individual, villa-style apartments, each offering expansive—and, in some cases, panoramic—views of Beirut and the Mediterranean through the units’ 40-foot-wide, angularly shaped windows. Each level protrudes discretely from the building and is rotated 90 degrees from the one below, providing outdoor space for each apartment on the rooftop of the unit beneath.


Built in a seismologically active area, the building posed a challenge to the architects. The varied arrangement of its floor plans is supported by two concrete girders and the stabilized core of staircases.

The building’s construction was completed in February 2016.