Courtesy nARCHITECTS and MIR Studio
Courtesy nARCHITECTS and MIR Studio

One of the first multi-unit buildings in Manhattan to use modular construction is getting ready to accept renters, reports BUILDER magazine.

Located in the Kips Bay neighborhood on the East Side of Manhattan, Carmel Place’s 55 units—some as small as 250 square feet—feel light and airy thanks to 9-foot-8-inch ceilings, oversized windows, and Juliet balconies. Because of the modular design, project planners had to take a few issues into consideration, especially how to transport the modules through the city streets.

The project team worked with Capsys, a Brooklyn-based prefabrication company, to construct the modules and transport them on semi-trucks across the Brooklyn Bridge to the site. “With the project being centered on micro-units, the size constraint of the trucks did not affect the design of the individual units,” Vandal says.

Scheduling was also a unique factor to modular construction but one that was more of an advantage than a hindrance, he adds. “With the modules being constructed off site, site work and unit construction are able to run in parallel time lines until they are ready to come together.”

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