The 2014 MFE Awards Judges:

Rohit Anand Principal, KTGY Group 
David Brickman Executive Vice President, Freddie Mac 
Jong Chung Vice President of Design, AvalonBay 
Greg Lamb COO, Jefferson Apartment Group 
Eileen Lee Vice President of Energy and Environmental Policy, NMHC 
Christina Steeg Senior Vice President of Marketing and Training, Simpson Property Group 
Dave Woodward President, CompassRock Real Estate

And from the MFE staff:

Jerry Ascierto Editor-in-Chief 
Les Shaver Deputy Editor 
Lindsay Machak Associate Editor

Many economists seek to define where we are in the current market cycle. But rather than study ­supply-and-demand equations, they might want to scan the following pages for evidence that we’ve reached a pinnacle, a freeze-frame affording a glimpse into a quickly moving industry.

This year’s MFE Awards winners provide a panoramic snapshot of an industry at its peak. Each of our 28 project, program, and service award winners is outstanding in its own right, representing a ­collection of individual achievements in creative ­solutions, consummate design, savvy financing, and development challenges overcome. Yet, if you gathered all of the winners together, took a step back, and searched for a common thread, it would be this: The multifamily industry is about much more than just housing.

While homeownership is often dubbed “the American dream,” these awards celebrate the stuff dreams are made of: smart placemaking that improves the quality of life for residents, a restless re-examination of the word “community,” and a never-ending attempt to elevate our own little corners of the world into better, more beautiful places. 

Bruce Ward applied the lessons he learned in the 80s to make Alliance Residential a powerhouse.
Mark Peterman Bruce Ward applied the lessons he learned in the 80s to make Alliance Residential a powerhouse.

Executive of the Year

Bruce Ward
2014 Executive of the year Bruce Ward has built Alliance into a model worthy of emulation.

Peter Taylor

Rising Star

Chris Herman
2014 MFE Rising star Chris Herman Helps Charlotte Shine a little brighter.