Park Square, Project of the Year: Best Reuse of Land
Fred Forbes Park Square, Project of the Year: Best Reuse of Land

Before developer Landmark Cos. grabbed hold of the 2.4-Acre block in the Rahway neighborhood of downtown Princeton, N.J., that would become Park Square, the location was underutilized and fragmented. It comprised 13 separate tax lots and had a varied history as a gas station, a bike shop, and an auto repair shop that required the site to undergo intensive environmental cleanup. The block also suffered from an awkward layout that was too large for practical downtown use.

All of that changed when Landmark transformed the lots into the new development’s two luxury apartment buildings, 6,400 square feet of ground-level ­retail space, and an additional street in the middle of the block. The latter enhanced traffic flow and walkability and gave every unit a street view.

The team wanted to make Park Square feel like it had always been there, so it borrowed from neighborhood patterns and building designs such as classic brick details and towers on local structures of civic importance. The welcoming environment even extends to the new sidewalks, which are wide enough to invite strolling, shopping, and resting on benches. —