The whole idea of a front porch evokes images of neighbors, community, and connections. That’s why Prometheus Real Estate Group dubbed its community service program Our Front POrCH (Promethean Outreach  & Community Help). 

As one of the largest private owners of apartments in the Bay Area, with a portfolio of roughly 18,000 units in the Western United States, the San Mateo, Calif.–based firm is involved in a lot of communities. 

Prometheus’ volunteer program POrCH was initially rolled out in May 2010, but the company expanded the program this year to include its 37,000 residents. At that point, the program evolved into Our Front POrCH. 

Employees can take advantage of an online tool through VolunteerMatch to search for local volunteer opportunities. Roughly 82 percent of employees have participated, logging more than 3,100 volunteer hours so far. The firm also created an award for leadership in volunteering that’s presented at its annual company conference. To date, Prometheus has partnered with 20 community organizations.