Developer Pine Street Group and architectural firm GGLO had an ambitious goal for the two towers known as Via6 in their hometown. They not only wanted to transform an emerging neighborhood on the edge of several transitional districts; they wanted to do so in a way that offered livability and sustainability.

It appears they succeeded on all counts.

The 24-story project achieved LEED Gold certification and boasts drought-tolerant landscaping, a vegetated roof, and integrated stormwater detention and irrigation tanks built on the bottom floor of the garage. High-efficiency fixtures, rainwater- and condensate-collection systems, and drip irrigation help the project further reduce water consumption.

Via6 stimulates a sense of community with its street-level commercial spaces, including a restaurant, coffee shop, bakery, urban grocer, flower stand, barber shop, and bicycle retailer. While the residential unit sizes may be small, with an average area of 720 square feet, the architects have created spaces that promote interaction. A mezzanine level provides space for socializing, a fitness area, and a game area. On the podium rooftop between the towers sits a private, five-room pavilion on a landscaped plaza with a series of indoor and outdoor spaces, including lounges, two demonstration kitchens, outdoor barbecues, and conferencing facilities.