Photo: Craig Stevens “The Price Tower, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, was decades ahead of its time. Wright's unique façade treatment and massing at the Price Tower respond to the different functions within, while controlling daylighting on each of the compass exposures. The Price Tower also combined office uses with apartments on the same floor. An office worker could simply cross the corridor for a commute to work. As we search for solutions to reduce global warming, reduce automobile emissions from excessive commutes, and increase building envelope efficiencies, the Price Tower is truly inspirational.

Price Tower | Location: Bartlesville, Okla. | Architect: Frank Lloyd Wright | Built: 1956 | Units: 6 | Notable: One quadrant of the 19-story structure housed apartments until the 1980s. Today, the property includes a museum, hotel, restaurant, and office space. One apartment unit is preserved for public tours.

Daun St. Amand is vice president of RTKL in Los Angeles.