“A masterful sweep of imagination and creativity seldom found in the apartment world, Casa Batlló, was built in 1877 and is a feast for the eyes. The local name in Barcelona, Spain, for the building is ‘La Casa dels Ossos,' or House of Bones. Rightly so, as the balconies suggest pieces of skull with mouth and eyes and the columns resemble bones. The brilliant mosaics provide a sharp contrast to the oval windows and sculptural stone work. Truly organic. Completely visceral.”

Casa Batlló | Location: Barcelona, Spain | Architect: Antoni Gaudí | Built: 1877 | Notable: Since 1995, Casa Batlló's modernist lounges have been used for meetings, conventions, and social events. The property offers public audio-guided tours.

Adrienne Faulkner is president of Faulkner Design Group, a Dallas-based interior and architectural design firm.