In the wake of recent gun-violence tragedies across America, gun-control has been a hotly debated issue. While some would argue that stricter regulations and controls is the answer to reducing firearm violence, those in Champaign, Illinois apparently think more is better, particularly in public housing.

The Housing Authority of Champaign County announced last week that following pressure from its liability insurance provider, the Assisted Housing Risk Management Association (AHRMA), it has proposed a measure to allow personal firearms in all its public housing units beginning April 1.

If approved by the housing authority’s board of commissioners, the policy would overturn the current ban on keeping guns within public housing communities.

AHRMA believes that the ban violates residents’ Second Amendment rights outlined in U.S. Supreme Court rulings from 2008 and 2010.

Urbana, Illinois police have already voiced concerns over the new policy but the executive director of the housing authority’s board of commissioners, Ed Bland, believes the impact will be minimal and residents won’t rush out to arm themselves just because of a policy change.

What do you think? Should the ban be overturned, or is it just asking for trouble inviting guns into public housing units? Leave a comment below.