Courtesy Hefner

A solid D+. That's the grade the American Society of Civil Engineers gives U.S. roads in the group's latest report

. Even more sobering is the cost the ASCE calculates will be needed to get our highways and byways into decent shape in the next 10 years: $2 trillion.

The report, as Fortune's Anne VanderMey and Nicolas Rapp write, also details the state of the other forms of infrastructure that will need attention in the coming decade, including those of particular interest to developers: electricity, schools, water and wasterwater, and parks and recreation, among others.

Donald Trump’s plan to spend big on infrastructure may offer some much-needed relief. However, there are some are concerns over his plan to try to build infrastructure, like toll roads, that would pay for itself, rather than just putting up the money. What many experts are arguing for is far less sexy than revenue-generating mega-projects, but could save more money for taxpayers in the long-term: repairing the roads that already exist.

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