Guardian Management, a Portland, Ore.-based real estate investment and management firm, has adopted a no-smoking policy at about 8,000 market-rate and affordable housing units across the West.

The majority of the units, 6,500, are in Oregon. The new policy applies to new residents, starting Sept. 1.

Existing residents will be exempt until Jan. 1, 2008, when all apartments at the properties will become smoke-free. The policy prohibits smoking inside apartments and common areas as well as within 25 feet of any building on the properties.

“We have successfully implemented no-smoking policies in several of our new properties, and we have found that residents appreciate the amenity,” said Tom Brenneke, owner and president of Guardian Management. “In addition to the health benefits of a smoke-free environment, we can provide residents with cleaner, better-maintained units, and a reduced fire risk.”

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