In its former life, the Grand Lowry Lofts in Denver housed military officers and a former U.S. president. The structure still possesses a hint of its military past, with its all-brick exteriors and ornamental cement wall engravings.

Built in 1937, Grand Lowry Lofts originally served as a World War II Air Force officers' quarters at Lowry Air Force Base. It also became a summer retreat for President Dwight Eisenhower during his administration.

Lowry Air Force Base was shut down in 1994, but then it earned a new shot at life as a fledging mixed-use redevelopment project. Some of the base's structures were restored for commercial, residential, recreational, and educational functions to keep its heritage and history alive. The officers' quarters are an example of that preservation, and Grand Lowry Lofts' spot on the National Register of Historic Places keep it rooted in history.

The main building was spared the wrecking ball and renovated into the 261-loft apartment complex now known as the Grand Lowry Lofts. Its original brick exteriors, exposed ductwork, and 17-foot ceilings were all kept intact. The lofts now boast modern-day amenities, including a heated underground parking garage, a fitness center, and in-unit Internet access.

As for the apartments themselves, they range in size from 515 square feet to 1,120 square feet. Forest City Enterprises acquired the property in 2000.

–Abby Garcia Telleria is a freelance writer in Costa Mesa, Calif.

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