For nearly 8 years, Chicago has been left with a $50 million, 110-foot wide gaping hole on its waterfront where the failed Chicago Spire was intended to be built. With the Spire still in questionably stalled development, architectural firm Gensler has taken the opportunity to imagine the high-profile waterfront location.

The Gateway Tower, as Gensler has named the concept, would maintain the 2000-foot height of the intended Spire, and use external supports that would straddle over the highway below. However, these supports may face opposition from the city since the structure would start on the east side of DuSable Park, where officials have closed off to private development.

While the Spire was intended for solely condos, Gensler wants to open The Gateway Tower for commercial opportunities as well, arguing it would make the project more financially lucrative. It also plans to include a sky deck that would bring in revenue from tourists taking in the views.

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