Photo Courtesy of CornbreadWorks. A water tower in the Netherlands is transformed into an eight-floor, modern home complete with sauna and rooftop terrace.

The Watertower of Soest (Netherlands), once a decaying monument, has found new life after being remodeled into a home.

Zecc Architects, based in nearby Utrecht, was contracted in 2002 to renovate the structure into a modern, chic living space.

The tower was originally built in 1931 by H.F. Mertens, according to Zecc, which remodeled the building by constructing rooms one on top of another within the structure’s eight living levels.

The tower’s lower four floors, which make up the area that was once underwater, were redesigned with more-traditional rooms, such as a kitchen, living room, and children’s rooms.

The upper four floors, which once served as a reservoir, were converted into bedrooms and a sauna.

The architect installed a spiral staircase in the space where a shaft once ventilated the structure. The stairs lead to a glass-and-steel enclosure that opens onto a rooftop terrace.

The original tower had no windows, so the design team added them, including a three-story walled window, orienting the units to optimize natural lighting inside and connect the home with the garden and backyard outside.