Courtesy Bjarke Ingels Group

Copenhagen, Denmark–based architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) took on a daunting task when it decided to fuse two design concepts that belong on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean. By crossing the traditional Manhattan high-rise with a European-style, low-rise apartment block, the architects came up with a vivid design that’s been locally dubbed the city’s “Great Pyramid.”

Located on West 57th Street, the aptly named W57 will grace a site measuring just about 110,500 square feet and provide expansive, skyscraper-like views from its units off the Hudson River. The residences will surround an intimate, compact courtyard that opens toward the river and takes in plenty of light.

Three corners of the building will remain low; meanwhile, the fourth, northeast corner, will slope markedly toward its 450-foot peak. Viewed from the West Side Highway, the structure will look like a pyramid, and, BIG says, will appear as a dramatic glass spire when viewed from West 58th Street.

The sloped roof will be dotted with south-facing terraces, using a fishbone wall pattern that lends the terraces their unique look. Each apartment will get a bay window and a balcony.
The building is currently under construction, with no completion date slated as of press time.

-Linsey Isaacs is an assistant editor with Multifamily Executive magazine. Follow her on twitter @LinseyI  to continue this conversation.