Fast Company's Adele Peters looks at a new apartment building in Sweden that's explicitly designed for renters without cars.

The seven-story Cykelhuset ("bicycle house") takes the space that ordinarily would be reserved for a parking garage and uses it for other amenities aimed at car-less tenants. For instance, since most people use cars to shop, the architect, Hauschild + Siegel, designed ultra-large mailboxes for online shopping deliveries and returns.

... If someone needs to pick up a heavy load in town, the building will have a stock of cargo bikes that can be borrowed. The bikes are also big enough to substitute for a station wagon, and can haul several kids to school or day care.

... The building will offer commuter bikes for people who want to use a folding bike on the train. The building also offers a "mobility subscription" that includes car pools, a bike repair service, and credits on the bus or train to use when the weather is bad.

Inside, the elevators are wider than usual, so a cargo bike can fit inside. The elevator doors open on both sides, so someone doesn't have to struggle to turn the bike around when they reach their floor. There's parking both downstairs, in a bike garage, and in front of each door. Bikes also easily fit inside the apartments.

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