Every property touts diverse amenities in their marketing efforts. And every walk-through with a potential renter includes some inevitable stops on the tour, points of interest such as volleyball courts and theater rooms.

But while they may look good on paper, are these amenities actually being used? We asked three leading property managers which amenities they believe have seen better days, a list that includes:

Racquetball Courts—Pat Carroll, founder and CEO of the Atlanta-based Carroll Organization, said many of the properties his company buys already has a court in place. One of the first renovations his team makes is to convert the space into something else, including a yoga studio.

Volleyball Courts—Albert Berriz, president and CEO of Ann Arbor, Mich.-based McKinley Co., said the sand courts aren’t being used as frequently as other amenities. “I think they look nice and I think they’re out there,” he said. “But I don’t think people use them."

Theater Rooms—Ricardo Rivas, vice president of Houston-based Allied Realty, said the spaces aren't being used for the intended purpose of providing residents an area to enjoy movies. The space has become more of a hangout for children, which causes the office staff to use time to keep an eye on the area, he said.

Putting Range—Rivas said the maintenance on artificial grass isn’t worth the hassle since an overwhelming majority of people aren’t using them. 

Clubhouses—Carroll said many properties suffer from outdated clubhouses that don't offer much and therefore go largely unused. The company has been upgrading its clubhouses to include more contemporary furniture, Wi-Fi and coffee bars.