The E’terra Samara Resort features 12 units that are suspended from trees in the Canadian forest.
The E’terra Samara Resort features 12 units that are suspended from trees in the Canadian forest.

Although the guest rooms at the E’terra Samara Resort may look like something from a fairy tale, they’re nonfiction.

The concept is being fleshed out as architects from Farrow Partnership Architects work on how to make the project come to life.

The five-star eco-resort, located in Northern Ontario, Canada, has been designed to feature 12 separate one-bedroom units suspended in their own trees.

The resort was designed to bring guests together with the beauty and harmony of nature.

The aim is to maintain the idea of preserving nature without harming it while using wood frames to hold the units together.

The inspiration for each of the units was taken from nature’s samara, also known as a maple tree seed. The flaky, papery texture and shape of the propeller-like seeds helped architects develop the layout for the suspended rooms.

While the sleeping area was designed to be where the fruit is kept inside the samara, the living area was drawn into what would be the wing part of the seed.

Each structure will hang from a tree trunk instead of using nails to pierce the bark of the trees, according to the architect’s website.

The wood frames will be supported by a steel shoulder and cable system that “hugs the tree trunk,” according to the site. Each large cable is made from smaller, sturdy carbon structure cables that have been weaved together to create larger, stronger tentacles.

The ceilings of the rooms will be covered with a fiberglass fabric “bonnet” that has been coated for flame resistance. The covers were designed to replicate the leaves of a tree and to provide protection from the elements. The fabric coverings also create a privacy barrier for guests staying in the units.

The units will be constructed in three pieces and use sailboat construction techniques before being hoisted into the trees. What’s more, they’re designed to be kinetic: Each unit can be rotated to optimize light and the site’s beauty as the seasons change.