Fast Company's Elizabeth Segran looks at how there's more than meets the eye at a downtown Marriott in Charlotte, N.C., where a test is being conducted on the hospitality wants and needs of Gen Z.

In common areas and in-unit, the walls are festooned with "beta buttons," which allow guests to offer real-time feedback on just about everything they experience:

These tools are the key to Marriott's innovation lab, which allows the company to test out new ideas as it gears up for the next generation of consumers—millennials and gen Z—who will soon make up the bulk of the hotel's customers.

"The demographic of our guests is changing, and it's very important to stay in dialogue with them," Mike Dearing, managing director of Marriott Hotels, tells Fast Company. "The Charlotte hotel is really our innovation lab. This is where we're testing our best thinking and new concepts. We're staying in constant dialogue with our guests to figure out what works and what they connect with best."

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