In its past life, the Kennedy Biscuit Lofts were once known as the historic F.A. Kennedy Steam Bakery–and the birthplace of the famous Fig Newton cookie. The cookie factory, built in 1875, was spared from the wrecking ball when Forest City Enterprises and Keen Development Corp. teamed up to transform the building into a modern multifamily residence in 1990.

SWEET SAVE: A former cookie factory, the Kennedy Biscuit Lofts is now home to 142 apartment units. Forest City Enterprises The developers rehabilitated the all-brick, mill-style building into 142 apartments, artist lofts, and a daycare center. The former bakery was then renamed the Kennedy Biscuit Lofts. But transforming a former bakery into actual living spaces proved a tough challenge at first. The factory featured a rigid block-square shape and multiple floor levels, so the development team had to demolish several of the factory's less significant buildings to make way for more entryways and parking areas.

Despite the building's massive renovation, which according to Keen Development cost roughly $10 million, Forest City and Keen took great care to preserve the structure's historic architectural flavor.

Exposed masonry and framing, skylights, oversized windows, and brick vaults and arches were preserved. Even the factory's original brick baking ovens were kept and incorporated as alcoves into some of the apartments and corridors.

With such a rich, sweet history, it's no surprise that the Kennedy Biscuit Lofts is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. According to Keen, the building also was honored with a 1990 Preservation Award from the Mass-achusetts Historical Commission.