Huber Engineered Woods LLC strives to create innovative products to suit the changing building industry needs. Each product delivers outstanding performance, easy installation and greater strength in single-family, multifamily and light commercial projects. Huber’s ZIP System® sheathing and tape solution for roof and wall applications are structural wood panels with built-in protective barriers that eliminate the need for building wrap or felt. Innovated to streamline work on the jobsite, ZIP System sheathing and tape provide a continuous rigid moisture and air barrier that optimizes energy efficiency. 

Additionally, Huber’s AdvanTech® flooring and sheathing panels provide a superior combination of strength and moisture resistance for floor, roof and wall applications. High-density panels engineered with advanced resins for moisture protection, AdvanTech panels are backed by a 500-day no sanding guarantee and a lifetime limited warranty. Plus, AdvanTech flooring is the ONLY wood-structural panel with published design values above code minimum PS-2 requirements as reported in the International Code Council Evaluation Service Report, ESR-1785.* AdvanTech flooring is the FLAT OUT BEST™ for a quiet, stiff floor that won’t swell, cup, delaminate or bounce even under the toughest conditions. To learn more, visit

AdvanTech® Sheathing provides Stiffer, Stronger Walls and Roofs
AdvanTech® panels don't stop at the floor. Learn more about using the most moisture resistant panels on the market for Structural 1 rated wall and roof applications.

AdvanTech® flooring Adds “Quiet” Assurance to Builder’s South-central Multifamily Projects 
Lindsey Construction VP explains how managing “sound” not only in walls, but also in floors is integral to subfloor product selection in multifamily construction.
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Watch How Competitive Subfloor Products Measure Up Under Harsh Conditions
We installed AdvanTech® flooring and 12 competitor subflooring products on an outdoor exposure deck and tested their performance after 30 days of harsh southeast weather.

See Why Architects Nationwide Specify Industry-Leading AdvanTech® Flooring
Download the AdvanTech® flooring and sheathing sales sheet for technical data and performance details.
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Family-owned Huber Engineered Woods Prioritizes Environmental Health, Impact and Sustainability
Watch this 2:44-minute video to learn more about Huber Engineered Wood’s commitment to cradle-to-grave product life cycles in meeting current and future building.