Courtesy of Fragrance Group, Elenberg Fraser and Pointilism

Elenberg Fraser, a Melbourne, Australia–based architecture firm, has married art and building science to create a "simple," 740-foot tower where, designers claim, “there’s actually less than meets the eye.”

The Premier Tower, located at 134 Spencer St. in Melbourne, uses parametric modeling techniques to create a vertical, cantilevered design that redistributes the building’s mass and responds to wind requirements, climatic restraints, and structural dispersion.

But the structure isn’t just about efficient design. Taking some aesthetic cues from American pop icon Beyoncé, the curvy building emulates the singer herself and the figures featured in her 2014 music video “Ghost.”

The building combines residential, commercial, and hospitality space in its 68 stories, the first six of which will feature a hotel with 160 available rooms. To separate the hotel from the private residences, the next two levels will consist of retail space and communal areas. Beginning on the ninth level, the remainder of the building will offer 660 apartment units in one- and two-bedroom layouts ranging in size from 530 to 850 square feet. 

Construction is set to begin in early 2016 and will take an estimated 40 months to complete. The project will be developed by Fragrance Group.