A new six-unit, 11-story condo project has emerged from what once was a Getty gas station in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York says C. J. Hughes for The New York Times. Getty, at West 24th Street and 10th Avenue, was created by developers from Shvo and the Victor Group, and the architect Peter Marino.

The building will have a distinctive and unconventional look both on the inside and outside--the window panes for each condo will all be different sizes, and different types of stone finishes will be used in each apartment with variation between the kitchens and baths in each unit.

Five of the six units will have terraces, including the duplex penthouse, which, according to Mr. Shvo of Shvo, has a ceiling that stretches to 24 feet.

The project will also have gallery space for local art foundations. The building broke ground in November 2014, and is not expected to open until summer 2017.

Until the Getty’s offering plan is approved, and pricing is finalized, Mr. Shvo said he could say only that the apartments would be “north of” $3,000 a square foot, roughly comparable to other projects on the High Line.

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