Employee satisfaction is a good thing. Employee engagement is better. What's the difference? Attitude. While satisfied employees are happy with their jobs, it's still just a job. An engaged worker is one with a feeling of ownership of the company.

“That's the point when employees stop thinking about what's in the job description and what they've been asked or been told to do,” says Bill Erickson, vice chairman of Kenexa, a Philadelphia-based firm that helps companies recruit and retain employees. “They start to think about how can they help and make things better. The organization that creates the engaging work culture earns the advantage of the discretionary effort and energy of their employees.”

That's quite the challenge in the multifamily business, which had a median turnover rate of 49 percent last year, according to National Multi Housing Council research. But some companies buck such industry trends.

Based on nominations, interviews, and conversations with industry sources, we've assembled a group of great multifamily companies (listed alphabetically) for which to work. Thanks to communication, approachable leadership, true teamwork, and other best practices, these 10 apartment companies do more than keep their employees satisfied. They keep them engaged.