Be they urban, suburban, x-urban, or new urban, diversity within large-scale developments requires multi-stakeholder cooperation.

Delving into these strategic partnerships was a panel of experts, including: Tom Capp, COO of Gorman and Co.; Mark Lautman, director of development for Forest City West; Barry Long, CEO of Urban Design Associates; and Rocky Marcoux, commissioner of the Milwaukee Department of City Development.

The panelists discussed the impact of collaboration on mega-projects from Milwaukee to Monterrey, Calif. Among their tips for success: a little due diligence when selecting your partners and going amenity-heavy?from movie theaters to open space to fitness centers?as a catalyst for revitalization.

At Mesa del Sol in Albuquerque, Lautman's team is running a parallel economic development program to create the jobs that will eventually support the community. "If you can raise incomes in your project, it profoundly affects the financial performance of both residential and retail development," Lautman said. "We're creating communities that attract the free-agent worker. That's our pitch."