This time line highlights key dates in the ongoing dispute between the Philadelphia Housing Authority and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.*

March 31, 2004 Alphonso Jackson is confirmed as the new secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

April 28, 2006 Jackson tells the Real Estate Executive Council, a national minority real estate consortium, that he believes critics of President Bush should not get HUD contracts.

May 5, 2006 The Philadelphia Housing Authority requests from HUD an amendment to the revitalization plan of the Martin Luther King Plaza public housing development. The plan proposes eliminating the transfer of land for nominal consideration to developer Universal Cos., whose principal, Kenny Gamble (shown), is a friend of Jackson.

Sept. 18, 2006 Jackson, Gamble, and others tour the MLK development site. PHA Executive Director Carl R. Greene, who was hired in March 1998, claims PHA was not informed of the meeting.

Sept. 19, 2006 The next day, HUD issues PHA a preliminary letter of noncompliance with Section 504 (Fair Housing accessibility guidelines for the disabled) based on a review conducted earlier in the year. Greene asserts that PHA homes are developed according to proper guidelines. (PHA later hires an independent architectural/engineering firm to conduct a third-party accessibility audit of PHA homes—the report shows PHA is in compliance with Section 504.)

December 2006 Jackson contacts Philadelphia's then-Mayor John Street to request land transfer to Universal.

Dec. 11, 2006 HUD denies PHA's request to amend the MLK revitalization plan with limited explanation.

Jan. 12, 2007 HUD sends PHA a formal letter of determination of noncompliance with Section 504. That same day, an e-mail exchange takes place between then-HUD Assistant Secretary Orlando Cabrera and current HUD Assistant Secretary Kim Kendrick. Cabrera asks, “Would you like me to make his [Greene's] life less happy? If so, how?” To which Kendrick replies, “Take away all his federal dollars?” ending her message with a smiley icon. Cabrera responds, “Let me look into that possibility.”

April 9, 2007 HUD declares PHA in default of its MLK HOPE VI grant agreement and provides 90 days to cure default by providing documents to carry out the elements of the revitalization plan, which include transfer of land to Universal at nominal cost.