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Trends in Designing for Baby BoomersTrends in Designing for Baby Boomers

Over the next decade, more than half of all new renter households created will be... Read more

Trends in Designing for MillennialsTrends in Designing for Millennials

What are Millennials looking for when they look at your community? In this video,... Read more

Will Oversupply Threaten the Industry's Momentum?

Although there are several markets that will likely struggle with oversupply, industry leaders aren’t concerned about the more than 75,000 units that are expected to deliver before the end of this year, according to data from Dallas-based Axiometrics. The research firm also expects more than 222,000 units to come to fruition next year. Read more

Toll Brothers City Living's 22-Unit Touraine, New York City Toll Brothers City Living's 22-Unit Touraine, New York City

Toll Brothers' City Living division builds luxury condos in Manhattan's upper east side with turnkey design and an array of amenities. Read more

Obama Nominates Castro to Lead HUD

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro is nominated to be HUD secretary. Shaun Donovan is tapped to take over OMB. Read more

Williston 2.0: How Do You Measure a Boomtown's Long-Term Demand?

With the demand steadily increasing in small boomtowns, sustainability concerns are brewing and areas are in need of large capacity to bring new product online. Read more

Change in HUD Leadership?Change in HUD Leadership?

What it would mean if Shaun Donovan moves to OMB and San Antonio Mayor Julián... Read more

Senate Committee Approves Housing Finance Reform Bill

The Senate Banking Committee approved the Johnson-Crapo bill, but it looks unlikely that Congress will pass the legislation this year. Read more

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