“What trend this year has most affected your outlook for '08?”

A: “While JPI will continue to focus on creative luxury apartments and great people, the green trend of building environmentally sensitive buildings will impact our outlook most in 2008. We are designing three LEED-certified communities, two high-rises, and one wood frame.” —Jim Butz, president and managing partner, JPI East

A: “Going green. As Dranoff Properties looks for ways to invest in the future of the neighborhoods we build in, we understand the importance and value of building green. In fact, one of our next multifamily projects will be LEED certified. As we plan for 2008, we will continue to seek opportunities to incorporate green components into our projects.” —Carl Dranoff, founder and CEO, Dranoff Properties

A: “The single-family market, which brings us new business and new competition. There are 55,000 homes currently for sale in Phoenix. We need to burn that inventory off for the apartment market to grow. Too many desperate people are renting their homes out for pennies on the dollar.” —Robert Hicks, vice president, Mark-Taylor Residential