The housing crash and recession, a sluggish economy, and huge amounts of student debt have made millennials wary of purchasing a home. In this blog post, Atlanta-based marketing firm Kleber and Associates takes a look at two advertising campaigns targeted to this group but with widely different points of view about homeownership.

One, from production builder Lennar, highlights an innovative "home within a home" approach to wooing multigenerational buyers:

We think Lennar is making a brilliant move with the NextGen concept. They are showing how they are responding to the needs of today’s modern families, and they’re doing it through authentic, emotional storytelling.

The other campaign, from, plays on millennials’ hesitancy to buy a home by placing an actor in a stockade:

Without respect to the wisdom of renting versus owning, we think these ads do a good job appealing to the audience they’re targeting. They are light-hearted and eye-catching, funny and a little quirky.

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