This week, Republican pundit and MSNBC senior campaign correspondent Tucker Carlson said Democratic candidate Barack Obama will win the 2008 presidential election in a landslide-and no, he doesn't like to admit it.

"It almost doesn't matter what [Republican candidate John] McCain does at this point; Obama would have to blow it-and he won't," Carlson said at the keynote luncheon of the 2008 Multifamily Executive Conference earlier this week. "There is nothing accidental about Barack Obama."

In his signature witty, unapologetic, and slightly self-deprecating style, Carlson spoke at length about the political landscape, the upcoming election, and what the next few weeks will entail. In rapid sequence, he shared stories about his experiences with Joe Biden, Hilary Clinton, and John McCain, among others.

When it comes to the Obama candidacy, however, Carlson believes there are two primary concerns. The first is that many Democrats-particularly Clinton supporters-are not necessarily supportive of him. Second, Obama's message of change will be difficult to implement-and may ultimately alienate his biggest fans and campaign workers.

Despite this, "the only thing that will change this trajectory is if the Democrats screw it up somehow," Carlson said.