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Sherwin-Williams is North America’s largest single-source coatings supplier for solutions that make a facility manager’s job easier, including high-performance coating systems, high-quality stains, masonry coatings and brand-name wall and floor coverings.

Multi-family facility managers can get the job done fast and right with Sherwin-Williams full range of coating solutions, expert product advice, color design services and programs to help keep properties marketable while minimizing maintenance expenditures. The company offers a broad range of solutions that meet performance expectations, tight deadlines and VOC requirements, while keeping residents happy and helping control costs. With 3,900 stores, 2,200 representatives and 120 floor covering centers and field representatives, Sherwin-Williams provides fast, local service and exceptional onsite assistance.



Multi-Family Communities Coating Systems Guide
Sherwin-Williams provides solutions for all areas of properties that help keep residents happy while helping control costs and meet tight deadlines.
Multi-Family Communities Coating Systems Guide

Multi-Family Color Story for 2014
A fresh approach to apartment design and community living can meet the demands of the millennial generation.
Multi-Family Color Story for 2014

Multi-Family Color Story Companion for 2014
Sherwin-Williams design experts selected the latest color palettes that provide a unified appearance and maximize appeal of public and private spaces in multi-family residences.
Multi-Family Color Story Companion for 2014

Harmony® Interior Acrylic Latex Paint
Harmony’s Odor Eliminating Technology reduces ambient odors to turn problem units into rented units, addressing problems quickly and economically.
Harmony Interior Acrylic Latex Paint

White Synthetic Shellac Primer
Sherwin-Williams White Synthetic Shellac provides performance consistent with shellac and assurance that the product will be readily available.
White Synthetic Shellac Primer News Release