Minnesota has always been known for high property taxes. Here's just one example: There's a law on the books that effectively makes Minnesota landlords pay a portion of their renters' taxes.

The program works like this: Minnesota landlords must provide residents with a “certificate of rent paid” by Jan. 31 of each year. If the resident is eligible (depending upon rent paid, income earned, and whether the apartment owner pays tax on the units), the resident can get a partial refund for the owner's property taxes.

Luckily, these regulations, while confusing to out-of-state apartment owners, generally aren't too onerous in terms of paperwork. “Some software packages can spit it [the “rent paid” data] out for large operators,” says Gary Wilson of Turnkey Design Associates, an apartment consulting firm in Minneapolis. “For smaller operators, it's a little bit more administrative scurrying around at year's end.”