A map of the ten-best job markets for community and social services, in relation to the national average.

As of 2015, unemployment had dropped down to 5%, and the national average job-growth rate had risen to 4.47% between 2012 and 2015. The social services, tech, medical, construction, and arts and media professions have seen growth rates well above this average during this period, with the social services sector growing by 14.61% and the tech industry by 14.49%.

Given this growth in job opportunities for anyone looking to get their start or change careers, ABODO has calculated the 10 best job markets for each of these five occupational categories, based on a job’s density in the relevant city’s overall employment market.

Although ABODO’s density calculations highlight the robust industries already in place in the nation’s largest cities, they also make note of smaller cities and their occupational communities. Depending on what a job seeker prefers in a potential home, they might do better in job hunting and in quality if they choose a rapidly expanding market over a long-expanded larger city.

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