“Get a lot of people’s opinions; that’s the key, from my standpoint, to making decisions. I need to have people I can trust, and I need to be calling on them and asking their opinions. I learned from a client of mine who ran a big development company: Don’t make yourself an island. Collaborate. Talk through issues with your staff before you make a decision.” - Walt Smith, CEO, Riverstone Residential

“Being a CEO, the biggest thing I have to protect myself against is my ego. Keep it in check. I try to remember that everybody who works for me is doing the work; I’m just leading them. And I really mean this: I want to treat everybody I meet like I want to be treated—and if you can do that sincerely and you’ve got a good strategic plan, you’ll do just fine as a company.” - Ed Pettinella, CEO, Home Properties

“Business and life I look at as one. And the best advice has always been—and my parents raised me this way—tell the truth and you’ll sleep better. So anytime you’re dealing with anybody in or out of your organization, just tell them how you see it. And if they can’t deal with it, then that’s OK, but you can sleep a hell of a lot better every night.” - Tom Toomey, CEO, UDR