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MFE's Exclusive Top 50 Rankings: The Best in the Apartment Industry in 2011

The results of our exclusive survey of the top owners, managers, builders, renovators, and general contractors in multifamily and what makes them the best in the business.


Multifamily Builders Add Starts at Impressive Pace in 2011

Multifamily builders eagerly added news starts last year, confident the rosy outlook for rental demand will continue for some time.


2011's Top 50 Multifamily Property Owners

The top multifamily owners of 2011 prove that whether your portfolio strategy is based on buying new units or selling valueable holdings, there is room for both on the top owners list.


Master Managers

In a competitive year for apartment managers, Greystar remains on the top.


2011's Top 25 Multifamily GCs

The flurry of new development in 2011 proved to be very beneficial for general contractors.


Top 50 Owners Hold Strong, as Private Firms Take the Top

Affordable housing providers and publicly traded REITs seemed to take the brunt of the buying and selling activity in the ownership space.


Greystar Rises to Number One

Greystar Rises to Number One


Top Multifamily Builders Re-emerge in 2010

After not starting a single unit in 2009, major builders jumped back into construction mode last year.


A Year Away


Owners List Sees Little Movement

The same owners as last year top the charts—but with lower unit counts.


Top 50 Managers Gain Mass

Third-party management titans Pinnacle and Riverstone Residential Group again finished one, two on the MFE Top 50 Managers list.


Top Builders Disappear

It’s not a mistake: The multifamily development sector’s longtime major players didn’t make the 2010 rankings.


Renovations Drop in 2009

Multifamily renovations nose dive in 2009 as operators halt work until improving fundamentals can support rent increases.

Jack Dinerstein 

Top 50 Multifamily Builders Look for the Bottom

For the country's largest builders of multifamily units, 2008 was a bad year, and 2009 will likely be worse.

J. Bradley Forrester
President and CEO

Top 50 Third-Party Managers Add Units in 2008

Large third-party managers get a boost in business as owners focus on strengthening operating fundamentals.

John Orehek

2008 Top 50 Owners Shed Units

Large institutional players rid themselves of excess fat.

the condo market collapse means site availability for luxury builders such as the bozzuto group.

Lap of Luxury: Multifamily Builders Fare Well in High-End Product

Despite the credit crunch and broad economic woes, top multifamily builders are standing tall.

alliance residential's cyber cafés help cater to a socially savvy and plugged-in gen y set.

Top Tier: Property Managers Promote Quality Assets

Property managers go large, emphasizing asset management at the associate level.

large-scale, strategic dispositions have decreased average unit age while increasing average rents across the udr portfolio.

Select Deals: Multifamily Owners Make Careful Deal Decisions

With only a few big transactions, multifamily owners aim to stay the course.


2007 MFE Top 50: Builders - The Ground Breakers

It's good to be an apartment developer again. Rental builders across the country breathed a collective sigh of relief last year as the once red-hot condo market began to cool. They took advantage of the long-awaited marketplace shift and broke ground on a large number of rental units in 2006.


2007 MFE Top 50: Managers - The Rainmakers

In the world of multifamily deal-making, everyone in the industry focuses on the owners, as they sell this property and buy that one.


2007 MFE Top 50: Owners - The Capitalists

Moving, shaking, and dominating. That was Morgan Stanley Real Estate in '06. The company has had a multifamily presence for some time, but after acquiring platforms and portfolios with fervor, it vaulted to near the top of this year's owners list.


2007 MFE Top 50: Tax Syndicators - Watching and Waiting

After a topsy-turvy 2006, syndicators of low-income housing tax credits want some balance. “The market will have to find an equilibrium,” says Andrew Weil, executive managing director of Centerline Capital Group's (formerly CharterMac) Affordable Housing Group. “Going into 2007, there is uncertainty about where yields will stabilize. Developers and state agencies will have to adjust to already reduced pricing and must be prepared in case pricing continues to drop.”


2006 MFE Top 50: Builders

Without a doubt, 2005 was the year to be a condo developer. Just look at the Novare Group's year-end performance. The Atlanta-based condo developer set a company record with 1,486 starts, breaking ground on four significant properties. "In 2005, we were in ramp-up mode, working on a lot more projects than we were in 2004," says Jim Borders, Novare's president.

riverstone residential, trammell crow's latest spin-off, is run by christy freeland and terry danner, both formerly of trammell crow.

2006 MFE Top 50: Managers

Nothing compares to the sweet taste of victory. Just ask MFE's Top 50 multifamily managers. After several years of negative market conditions, operating fundamentals finally began to favor the apartment industry in 2005 as the economy slowly improved and the condo boom led to a healthy business equation of more apartment demand than supply.

equity residential, led by david neithercut, took a bite out of the big apple with the $810 million acquisition of trump place on the upper west side.

2006 MFE Top 50: Owners

Equity Residential went on a major shopping spree last year. Its biggest purchase: the $809 million acquisition of Trump Place, a collection of three high-rise apartment towers on Manhattan's Upper West Side. "It's fun to be in the multifamily business again," says David Neithercut, president of the Chicago-based REIT. "We ended the year well above plan on our operating performance, and we exceeded our expectations on our transaction volume."

david kunhardt, senior vice president of aegon usa realty advisors, stands by bay vista, a 220-unit garden-style apartment property in novato, calif. aegon acted as a limited investment partner on the project, which is among the latest affordable housing partnerships between the tax credit firm, shea properties, and centex homes.

2006 MFE Top 50: Tax Syndicators

There were a lot of tax credit syndication deals that Todd Crow, senior vice president at PNC Multifamily Capital, simply had to walk away from in 2005. With tax credit pricing eclipsing the watershed mark of a dollar per credit for the first time last year, and yields slipping down into the 5 percent range, some deals that the firm otherwise would have pursued had to be let go because returns simply weren't good enough.