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Finding Tenants On the Web

The Internet hasn’t replaced word-of-mouth, yard signs, or newspaper classifieds as the dominant means to advertise rental apartment vacancies, yet a number of apartment-oriented Web sites now offer landlords attractive alternatives to entice prospective Read more

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Higher rents fatten apartment owners' profits

Apartment owners naturally want to earn higher returns on their investments, and though lower operating costs can be a good way to achieve that objective, it’s equally important to take advantage of opportunities to raise rents. Read more

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Smart planning helps cap construction costs

Older apartment buildings can truly be a minefield of potential surprises. Read more

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Property managers can help achieve operating objectives

Managing an apartment property is no easy task, and that’s why many owners hire professional firms to help them do the job. Read more

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Sec. 1031 swaps help owners build wealth

The information presented here is intended solely for informational purposes. Owners should rely on professional legal advice before entering into one of these transactions. Read more

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