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HUD at the Crossroads HUD at the Crossroads

Industry leaders reflect on the agency's history and weigh its future as HUD turns 50. Read more

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Ferguson Tragedy Reflects Poverty's Push to the Suburbs

The aftermath of this tragedy has helped shine a spotlight on an issue that many in the housing community grapple with everyday—the continuing shift of poverty from the nation’s inner cities to the suburbs. Read more

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Obama Nominates Castro to Lead HUD

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro is nominated to be HUD secretary. Shaun Donovan is tapped to take over OMB. Read more

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Change in HUD Leadership? Change in HUD Leadership?

What it would mean if Shaun Donovan moves to OMB and San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro takes over HUD. Read more

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Bipartisan Policy Center Calls for Elimination of GSEs

The Bipartisan Policy Center released a report Monday calling for the eventual elimination of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Read more

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