Donald M. Davidoff

Donald M. Davidoff is the founder of D2 Demand Solutions, a technology consulting firm specializing in the multifamily housing industry. You can contact him at donald@d2demand.com.

Donald M. Davidoff's Posts

Don’t Blame the Software Don’t Blame the Software

A rent increase of 50% shocks a short-term renter, but the new rate appears more reasonable when one considers the long-term picture. Read more

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Rehab ROI: Do the Math Rehab ROI: Do the Math

Operators don’t always account for a renovation’s life span in their investment calculations, at their own peril. Read more

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Making Sense of Business Intelligence Making Sense of Business Intelligence

It's not just technology jargon. Used to its full potential, business intelligence can help multifamily firms find and address their weaknesses while maximizing their strengths. Read more

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