We've scoured our content from the past year to pull the most-popular reads by our loyal MFE audience. This top-10 list is full of top-10's, other lists, and most notably, a lot of material about the Gen Y resident. Happy 2013 folks! 

1. Seven Must-Have Tech Amenities for Gen Y Residents 
    Multifamily owners and managers across the country have been scrambling the past few years,
    trying to keep up with innovative ways to attract tech-savvy Gen Y renters. Here’s a look at seven
    ideas for amenities with tech-centric Gen Y in mind. 
2. 12 Must-Haves for Any Gen Y-Friendly Apartment 
    With almost 80 million potential Gen Y renters due to enter the market, developers have been
    creative over the past 12- to 24-month cycle to meet their demands. And this tech-savvy, massive
    demographic is not always easy to please.
3. 10 Cities Where Landlords and Renters are Miles Apart on Rents

    The first step in the search for a new apartment is very often scouring internet listing services.
    Among the most important search criteria is usually the price range that an individual is willing to
4. Top 15 Cities for Yearly Rent Growth 
    RealFacts recently released its survey results of 2012 first quarter rental rate changes in 47 metro
    statistical areas. All but three of the metros managed to increase rental rates on a quarterly average
5. 10 Submarkets With the Biggest Pipelines 
    As multifamily construction increases around the country, some submarkets are seeing a lot more
    cranes than others. Here are the 10 submarkets with the most units in the pipeline, according to
    Dallas-based Axiometrics.
6. 10 Cities Where It's Much Cheaper to Rent Than Own  

    As rents continue to rise and home prices continue to decline, the advantages of renting over
    owning is becoming ever narrower in many major metropolitan areas.
7. Y Design 
    Fireplace lounges, cell phone charging stations, and kickboxing rooms might not have had a place in
    apartment properties in the past, But when it comes to Gen Y renters, developers are taking a new
8. Top 10 Cities for Multifamily Building Permits for 5+ Units in 2011 
    To get a better idea of where developers are looking to add supply to the rental market, let’s take a
    look at the metro areas where the most building permits for 5-plus unit structure were issued in
9. The Top 10 Cities With the Youngest Populations 
    Looking for a market filled with Gen Y renters? Look no further than Provo, Utah, where the median
    age is 23.3, making it the youngest city in America. 

10. Target Practice: Inside AvalonBay's Three-Brand Strategy 
      With Tim Naughton’s ascent to CEO, AvalonBay supercharges a three-tiered segmentation plan for
      primacy in its markets.