has a fresh new look with tons of rich, one-of-a-kind features. Take a look at some of the highlights.

>> Daily Breaking News
The site is rich with Web-exclusive news, features, and stories. As the industry’s leading publication serving the multifamily real estate sector, we have our thumb on the industry’s pulse—and now you can, too. Plus, with one click on the orange RSS icon, you can “pull” content from our Web page straight into your browser. Whenever we add something new, you’ll be automatically updated. 


>> Multimedia-Rich Experience now offers enhanced multimedia offerings and interactive features such as slideshows, polls, and Webinars. What’s more, we have exclusive video interviews with housing’s thought leaders and C-level executives through our new MFETV platform.


>> Real-Time Data and Research
The new site features a live stock ticker with continuously updating information on publicly traded REITs. In addition, MULTIFAMILY EXECUTIVE has leveraged its strong relationships with leading industry research firms to provide something no other multifamily industry publication can offer: Up-to-the-minute, real-time national and regional market research. Throughout the site, you’ll find built-in widgets from Real Capital Analytics, M/PF Yieldstar, and others that provide customizable, searchable data on occupancy and vacancy levels, transaction volumes, rent trends, and more. 


>> MFE Top 50 Rankings
Our annual industry benchmark—the list of MFE’s Top 50 Owners, Managers, and Developers—is yours to use with the newly relaunched site. A user-friendly table format allows you to quickly scan and find the company or information you want from any year in which the survey was conducted. And the data can be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet for easy reference when you need it.


>> Local and Regional Coverage
We know that multifamily real estate is often a local game. So in addition to our national, top-line perspective and coverage, we have compiled all of our articles about local markets, both at the city and state level, in one easy-to-navigate place. Click on a specific region in our local markets map, and you’ll be taken to a complete archive of all of our articles discussing that market. 


>> One-Stop Shop for Online News and Resources
We hope is your first stop for breaking industry news, but we also know that we can’t cover everything. That’s why we have made a point of offering more aggregated news coverage from around the Web and article feeds than any other publication in the industry. Stories from every industry resource on the Web—including other publications, national trade associations, and commercial news vehicles such as the Wall Street Journal—can be found at In addition, we offer links to industry blogs, calculators, resource centers, lists, and more. 


>> Expert Opinions
The new has begun to cultivate a blogroll that includes perspectives and opinions from the editors of Multifamily Executive as well as multifamily real estate experts. Over the course of the next few months, we will be bringing together more than a dozen multifamily experts, architects, and consultants to share their insights about where the industry is headed and what that means to you and your business. 


>> Full Magazine Content and Archives
You can still get 100 percent of the magazine’s content online. This includes access to our new digital editions, which will launch with our May issue of MFE. Notice the links above the search box—these are a permanent element of every page on Included there is a link to “The Magazine,” which provides Tables of Content for the current issue of Multifamily Executive, as well as access to our magazine content archives, which go as far back as 2001. You can also find contact information for the editorial staff and manage your magazine and newsletter subscriptions. 

>> Streamlined Design and Navigation
With the relaunch of the site, we have updated our color scheme and style. The sleeker, streamlined design allows you to easily locate the content you want. What’s more, our topic-driven navigation structure focuses on areas of the multifamily real estate business that are important and relevant to your operations. 

>> Improved Search Functionality
Our enhanced search tool will help you find any article using keywords, or the names of individuals and companies. In addition, results can be sorted and filtered chronologically or by type of article.