I’m no longer anti-social. Yeah, I was like you when it comes to social media and multifamily. No way would residents want to be friends with apartment buildings. No way could you make money off of granular, unqualified social media leads. No way would sophisticated real estate firms pay someone with a marketing degree to sit in a room and post on Facebook and Twitter all day. Turns out we were wrong, wrong, wrong. After some will-it-work or won’t-it-work hiccups, the use of social media as a primary communication vehicle (not to mention a conversion, retention, and renewal tool) between apartment firms and their customers has become obsequious. REITs are hiring social media firms, first-movers are generating ILS-busting lead-to-lease metrics, and upstart regional operators are relating with residents on savvy social platforms that are Madison Avenue-worthy in design.

If you thought social media for apartment residents was hard to warm up to, be glad you didn’t have to figure out how to leverage social media for apartment executives. After similar these-guys-will-never-use-this arguments in our news room, Multifamily Executive has slowly eased into the social realm. And guess what? We’ve got a Twitter feed and LinkedIn and Facebook pages that are growing exponentially and giving the editors new channels for communicating critical news and information. I know not everyone is a convert yet, and for the remaining social skeptics out there, we’ll drop a Kool-Aid-free report on the recent successes of social media in the October issue of MFE. Until then, hit us up on our channels: like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter, network with us on LinkedIn. Just join in on the conversation, because let’s face it, we’re all just looking for friends.